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Carpenters are professionals that can perform work in different settings, whether it be in a commercial setting, on a construction site, or in a residential setting. There are some basic requirements that each carpenter must complete in order to perform jobs, so when hiring one you’ll need to ensure they have met all the requirements to legally and safely do carpentry jobs.

If you’re looking for qualified candidates to provide carpentry services denver residents should perform a thorough interview and ask several questions. Let’s look at the questions you should ask when considering carpenters to hire.

Situational & Operational

There are several questions you should ask regarding specific situations and operations, including:

·    What information do you typically gather when looking at blueprints?

·    Do you know how to operate a scissor lift and what precautions do you take to ensure safety?

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·    Can you walk me through the process you use to install drywall?

·    If you are wearing safety gear and it hinders your movements, what will you do?

·    How do you make a deck last for as long as it possibly can?

You also may ask questions that are specific to the job you need performed, letting you know how well the professional will be able to complete your project.

Additional Questions

·    What is the thing you like most about your job?

·    Do you know how to provide CPR or basic first aid?

·    How often do you perform tests on the tools you use?

·    Have you ever been in charge of coaching an apprentice?

These questions and more should be asked when you’re thinking of hiring a professional carpenter. These professionals should have the knowledge and skills to back up their credentials, so be sure to interview them and ask relevant questions before getting them to complete your project.